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Rick Waters

Rick Waters is a jack-of-all trades: treasure hunter, diver, part-time detective. Never any good at holding down a steady job, Rick does whatever he can to make a living—searching for stolen cars or missing persons, catching and selling catfish from the bayou, or gambling in pool halls—whatever it takes to one day fulfill his dream: his very own fishing yacht and charter business.


Chief The Cockatoo

Chief is Rick Water's pet cockatoo. He accompanies Rick and the gang on many of their adventures and treasure hunts. Rick adopted Chief from a man in Orlando who had to take a job overseas. At first Chief was confused why his dad gave him over to Rick but it didn't take long for the two to bond.  Chief is always game for an adventure. His favorite treats are grapes and boudin. To learn more about Chief follow his short stories on the Amazon Vella platform.  

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Possum is Rick Waters main sidekick. The've been best friends since high school. Possum's real name is Michael Jackson and got his nickname from his love of George Jone's music. He taught Rick everything he knows about treasure hunting and is always ready for an adventure or to help solve a mystery. 

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