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Eric Chance Stone

Eric Chance Stone was born and raised on the gulf coast of Southeast Texas. An avid surfer, sailor, scuba diver, fisherman and treasure hunter, Eric met many bigger than life characters on his adventures across the globe. Wanting to travel after college, he got a job with Northwest Airlines and moved to Florida. Shortly thereafter transferred to Hawaii, then Nashville. After years of being a staff songwriter in Nashville, he released his first album, Songs For Sail in 1999, a tropically inspired collection of songs. He continued to write songs and tour and eventually landed a gig with Sail America and Show Management to perform at all international boat shows where his list of characters continued to grow.


Coming Soon
African Waters

Rick, Jules and Gary travel to South Africa to insure Kirsten Giovanni face the music for the murder of her step-daughter Ava. The case makes headline news and before they can depart the country, they are approached by a young man who's father was murdered by suspected poachers.

Rick agrees to stay and help him find his fathers murderer, as well as a stock pile of African elephant ivory illegally taken by the poachers. Will Rick find the ivory before the poachers take their revenge?


Deep in the Kafue National Park, the gang must survive attacks from lions, elephants and the dreaded boomslang snake while under fire from ruthless poachers.


The answer to solving the murder is tied to finding the ivory.



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