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Eric Chance Stone - Author

All Ten Paperbacks in the Rick Waters Series

All Ten Paperbacks in the Rick Waters Series

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Get all 10 of Eric's paperbacks for $130 directly from the author. If you purchased separately on Amazon, the price would be $170. Save $40 going direct, plus get free shipping—order before Dec 10 for Christmas delivery. 

1. Blue Waters

2. Vanishing Waters

3. Raging Waters

4. Back Waters

5. Muddy Waters

6. Mayan Waters

7. African Waters

8. Deep Waters

9. Baja Waters

10. Canuck Waters

Here's the complete collection of the Rick Waters series so far. The composite photo showcases all 10 books. Please note that the books are individual as original paperback copies, not as a single unit as depicted in the photo. Shipments may arrive at separate times due to packaging by the shipper.

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