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Baja Waters Paperback - Book 9: A Rick Waters Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series)

Baja Waters Paperback - Book 9: A Rick Waters Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series)

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Book Nine in the Rick Waters Series. Join thousands of readers in 17 countries.

#1 Best seller by Eric Chance Stone.

This is a premium PAPERBACK. 

★★★★★ My new favorite author, since Clive Cussler has passed. - Reader Review.

"Baja Waters" invites readers to dive into the gripping ninth installment of the Rick Waters series, where sun-soaked beaches and vibrant Mexican landscapes set the stage for a thrilling adventure. In the idyllic playgrounds of Baja California, from the glamorous shores of Cabo to the charming streets of La Paz and the bustling cityscape of Tijuana,

Rick Waters and his eclectic team find themselves ensnared in a high-stakes abduction that sends shockwaves through the region.When the daughter of the legendary retired footballer Fernando Reyes, the beloved Kiki Reyes, vanishes during a mesmerizing magic show, the tranquil façade of Baja is shattered. As whispers of a shadowy underworld emerge, Rick Waters must navigate the intricate web of secrets and rivalries that lie beneath the surface of this seemingly paradise-like locale.
With time ticking away, Rick and his team must unravel cryptic clues, forge unexpected alliances, and confront their own vulnerabilities as they race against the clock to rescue Kiki."Baja Waters" is a riveting tale of suspense, resilience, and the unbreakable bonds of friendship, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Baja California. As Rick and his companions traverse a landscape where mystique meets danger, readers will be captivated by a story that seamlessly weaves together heart-pounding action, intricate mysteries, and the indomitable spirit of those who refuse to back down-even in the face of the most daunting challenges.

"He just keeps writing winners!"

"They get better each time. Mr. Stone is now one of my favorite authors"

"It seems I've known that damn bird Chief all my life."

"This book made my vacation!" 

"Nonstop twists and turns." 

This product is a premium PAPERBACK.

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Enjoy an excerpt from Baja Waters.

 Rick Waters stood tall, his eyes scanning the horizon from the helm of Precious Jules. Rick had named the adventure treasure ship after his fiancée, Jules. The Caribbean waters were calm, but beneath that placid surface, danger lurked. It was a familiar feeling that had kept him alive all these years. Rick’s fingers gripped the wheel with an unyielding sense of purpose. He had a plan, and it was high time to set it in motion. At his side, P-Roy Lane, his trusted captain, kept a stoic watch. P-Roy had seen it all—both above and below the waves. He spoke few words, but his instincts were sharp as a stiletto. Rick knew he could rely on him, no matter what lay ahead.

They had recently left the deep waters of the Florida Straits after salvaging the Mayan gold they had thrown overboard when the Coast Guard had approached them. They also recovered some unclaimed lost cash originally belonging to Columbian drug kingpin Diego Alvarez, who now had a permanent bed in Guantanamo Bay. The Feds believed the money was blown up and destroyed in a booby trap bomb that also took out Rick’s newly hired boat guy Sebastian Pappas, who got greedy. 

Possum, his ever-resourceful best friend, lounged nearby with a sly grin on his face. Possum had a knack for sniffing out secrets, and that skill had saved their hides on more than one occasion. His easy demeanor masked a keen mind that analyzed every angle of the game.

Jules, the love of Rick’s life, embraced the sun’s warmth on the deck. Her passion for the ocean matched his, but she brought scientific rigor to their pursuit of sunken treasures. With her expertise in marine biology, she was the backbone of their operations, ensuring they tread lightly on fragile underwater ecosystems.

And then there was Gary Haas, the wildcard—a Powerball winner who had reentered their lives after high school, like a bolt from the blue. His fortune had opened doors, but his entrepreneurial prowess had kept them afloat. Yet, there was a restlessness in Gary, a hunger for something more than mere riches.

The plan was audacious, and the stakes were high. A lost and found treasure off the coast of Key West—a drug dealer’s ill-gotten hoard—had fallen into their hands. Now, the time had come to wash away the past, launder that money, and secure their future near the shores of Aruba. It was a dangerous gamble, but the thrill of the chase was alluring.

“Captain, plot a course for Aruba,” Rick ordered, his voice firm and steady.

“Aye, aye, Captain Waters,” P-Roy replied sarcastically.

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