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Eric Stone Band

Eric Stone - Trinidad To Tortola - Digital Download

Eric Stone - Trinidad To Tortola - Digital Download

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A bet was made. Jake (Yellowshoes) Diemer was ragging on Eric because he hadn't released a CD in a while, even though Eric had just released Great White Christmas. Jake said" It's a Christmas CD, it doesn't count". 

So Jake bet Eric that he couldn't write a CD during the delivery of Jakes Boat "YellowShoes" (same name), from Trinidad to Tortola. If Eric lost, he would have to spend an entire day in St. Thomas with Jake while he went shopping. One of Jakes favorite pastimes. If he won, Jake would fly him and the crew on a seaplane to St Croix to spend the night at the Casino, one of Eric's favorite pastimes. 

Well let's just say the night in St Croix was epic. The result was a wonderful CD, 12 songs in 12 days, all written on the boat.  This CD is a true musical journey in every sense of the word. One of Eric's finest accomplishments to date. 

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