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Eric Chance Stone - Author

Guitar Shaped Flash Drive w/complete music catalog

Guitar Shaped Flash Drive w/complete music catalog

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Preloaded Guitar-Shaped Flash Drive will every song Eric Stone has ever recorded. Hours and hours of music. Plug in computer or car. You can also copy the files to a computer and burn CD's or add to an mp3 player of your choice.

Songs For Sail (1999)

Sailing Life, Paradise In Mexico, Southern Cross, It's Not The Fall That Hurts, The Manatee And The Jellyfish, So He Sails, Coast Of Marseilles, He Just Lied And Went To Heaven, The Same Boat, Jamaica Farewell, Reggae Guy, Till All The Tequila Is Gone 

The Legend of the Lost Soul (2002)

 Manatee Island, Humuhumunukunukuapua', Maria, The Legend of the Lost Soul, The Whole 9 Yards, Sailing, North Shore Reggae Blues, My Sweet Linda, I'll Quit Loving You Tomorrow, Mekong, Bomba's Shack, 24 Meets 40, The Great Bull Dolphin Roundup

Permanently Temporary (2003)

 Endless Summer, Everybody Wants to be Jimmy Buffett, Gary's Island, Journey to the Second Star, Living it up Down Under, Moon Over Maui, Beer Money, Permanently Temporary, Ensenada Jail Or Bust, Daisy, He Just Lied And Went To Heaven (part 2), The Sandbar, Saturday Night Girl

Sail America LIVE (2003)

Son of a Sailor, Brown Eyed Girl, The Big Bamboo, The Whole 9 Yards, Jump In The Line, The Manatee & The Jellyfish, Waiting In Vain, Who Put The Pepper In The Vaseline, Wild World, Living It Up Down Under, Yesterday, No Woman No Cry

Scuba Tunes Vol 1  (2004)

Blackened Fish Sandwich, Hi-Tech Diver, Scuba Radio, The Parrothead Fish, Wreck(ed) Diver, Scuba Joe, Today is the Day, Skip the One-Legged Shark Diver, I Learned My ABC's, Is That A Moray In Your Pocket...?

Scuba Tunes Vol 2 (2004) 

Scuba Joe (Part 2), Scubaholic, New Paradise, Bomba Shack, Wings, Welcome to Jamaica, Catch a Puff, Close Encounters of the Wet Kind, The Whole Island Thing, Calypso

Long Board & Short Stories (2005)

 I Got Lei'd In Hawaii, Meet Me In Mooloolaba, Jesus Candle, Somewhere South Of Somewhere, Yellowshoes, Crab Island Rendezvous, The Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner, In The Soup, Latitudes & Attitudes, On-On, Sunsail Away, If You Aint Been Aground...

Great White Christmas (2005)

 Boudreaux The Cajun Reindeer, Haole Hawaiian Christmas, Hang Ten Santa, The Christmas Song, Great White Christmas, Grandma Got Run Over By A Redneck, Santa Claus Has Dreadlocks, Christmas In The Isthmus, Rasti Da Snowmon, Mele Kalikimaka

Trinidad To Tortola (2007)

Sheldon Clarke, It'll Be Ready Tomorrow, Cracker (W)Rapper, Goodbye Trinidad, Without You Here, Bequia Kind of a Day, Dominica Discovery, Goat Water, Monkey Hour, Old Years Eve, Lost and Found, Quick, to the Batcave

Songs From The Virgin Islands (2008)

 Indigo Blue, Island Time Not, Lovango (Love & Go), Crazy Cat, The Beat Goes On, Dodging Hurricanes, One Night At Corsairs, Lost Without You, Islands Harleys, Hook, Line & Singer, Driveway to Heaven, The Ballad of CJ

The Best of Eric Stone (2011)

 Railean Rum, Beer Money, Latitudes & Attitudes, Gary's Island Back In The USVI, Endless Summer, He Just Lied and Went to Heaven, Is That a Moray in Your Pocket...?, Lovango (Love & Go), Maria, Gone With the Wind, Yellowshoes, Meet Me in Mooloolaba, Permanently Temporary, Reggae Guy, The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, The Whole 9 Yards, Quick, To the Batcave

Time To Fly (2012)

 Americano, Ave de Paso, Calling in Well, Second Favorite Blonde, Bad Tequila, Time to Fly, Life Like a Novel, Jimmy's Drive-In, 51 Pieces, Angel Wings, Way Down in Mexico, 90 Channels

Eric Stone Band - LIVE FROM TONGA (2017) 

Could You Be Loved, The Way, Yellowshoes, Another Saturday Night, Cuban Crime Of Passion, The Manatee & The Jellyfish, Tongaritaville, Garys Island, He Just Lied & Went To Heaven, Holiday, Jesus Candle, La Vida Loca, Meet Me In Mooloolaba, Red Red Wine, The Legend Of The Lost Soul, Everybody Wants To Be Jimmy Buffett

Bonus Material (2017) 

Videos, Interviews and more

If all music was purchased separately it would be close to $200. Get this autographed keepsake for ONLY $49! Some items may differ slightly depending on manufacturer. FREE SHIPPING INSIDE US. 

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