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Mayan Waters Paperback - Book 6: A Rick Waters Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series)

Mayan Waters Paperback - Book 6: A Rick Waters Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series)

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Book SIX in the Rick Waters Series. Join thousands of readers in 17 countries.

#1 Best seller by Eric Chance Stone.

This is a premium PAPERBACK. 

★★★★★ My new favorite author, since Clive Cussler has passed. - Reader Review.

Rick Waters is fresh off of solving a kidnapping case involving a famous guitar and ready to take a long break from work. He and his girlfriend Jules head to Tulum, Mexico, for some badly needed R&R. But their vacation is cut short when a young woman in the villa next to theirs is found dead in a bathroom, and $2.5 million dollars-worth of her father’s uncut diamonds go missing.

The local police want to rule the death a suicide, but Rick finds the circumstances too suspicious and fears the young woman, named Ava, was in fact murdered. She suffered from BPD and had a shaky relationship with her father and stepmother, among others. More importantly, her boyfriend—who has conveniently also disappeared, and whom Ava claimed raped her before she died—has a history of assaulting women and getting away with it. That makes him the prime suspect. While Jules braves dangerous territory to try and recover the stolen diamonds, Rick focuses on bringing justice to Ava by tracking down her boyfriend before he flees Mexico for good and leaves behind a cold case.

"He just keeps writing winners!"

"They get better each time. Mr. Stone is now one of my favorite authors"

"It seems I've known that damn bird Chief all my life."

"This book made my vacation!" 

"Nonstop twists and turns." 

This product is a premium PAPERBACK.

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Enjoy an excerpt from Mayan Waters.

Rick showed his ID to the woman behind the glass at the Okaloosa County Evidence & Property Recovery Office in Shalimar. Rick was there to retrieve a very valuable Stratocaster known as the Black Start. It was originally owner by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd but sold at an auction at Christie’s for almost five million dollars to raise money for Earth Client, a charity. To help homelessness and hunger. Jack Raynes owner of the Red Ruby Casino in Biloxi, then bought the guitar for six million from the winner of the auction. Jack had already faxed over a request to turn the Black Strat over to Rick to return it to him in Biloxi. The guitar has been taken by his son Tyler, and hidden in plain sight beneath a plaid lumberjack looking cloth wrap. Tyler was awaiting trial for larceny and second-degree murder.

Rick signed the document releasing the Black Strat, and he and Jules headed for Biloxi to make the drop to Jack. The guitars value had doubled since the theft. It was now valued at over twelve million dollars and Ricks reward for returning it was a cool million dollars. It was a huge payday for him and his private detective agency. He planned on depositing the check, spending the night at Jack’s casino, then he and Jules would continue to New Orleans for a well-deserved week vacation in Tulum Mexico. Spirit Airlines had a non-stop to Cancun and as much as Rick hated flying commercial, and even worse Spirit, he didn’t have much of a choice as his partner Gary Haas had taken his private jet down to Costa Rico to research a possible business venture.

Gary was a hard-working blue color man until he won Powerball a few years back. Now everything he touched turned to gold and made even more money. Gary’s newest venture was to get his hands on the best coffee bean strain in Costa Rica and import it into Mississippi where he would go into business with a man named Tungsten and grow the beans in a controlled environment in which every aspect of the plant could be controlled. His idea was to produce the world’s richest most aromatic coffee science could create. He could do it in Florida but the tax incentives to open the business in Mississippi were too good to pass up, plus he felt indebted to Tungsten who had helped him and Rick’s team in a major time of need. He wanted to pay it forward. Tungsten had over two hundred acres of mostly flat land and would be a 50/50 partner based on the farm land and sweat equity.

“Come on in Rick. Good afternoon, Jules.” said Jack as he walked them into his office on the top floor of the casino.

Rick followed Jack into his opulent office with the Black Strat wrapped in a linen. He placed it on Jacks desk.

“Hard to believe that thing is worth twelve million dollars. I’m just glad to have it back. You did a great job Rick.”

“Any word on Tyler’s case?” asked Rick.

“I’ve spoken to my lawyers and he says the D.A. is dropping the charges in regards to the theft of the guitar and the ransom money, since most of that was returned. He’s still pressing for second-degree murder though. Because Tyler killed his kidnapper, then placed him in in the trunk of a Cadillac and buried it, they feel he has some copiability in his death. My lawyers are going for a case of self-defense. It was stupid of him to bury the car and not contact authorities, but he was not in his right mind after all of the psychological torture the kidnapper made him endure. I feel good about his chances for an acquittal.”

“I see. I’m just glad he’s home, safe, and getting some therapy,” replied Rick.

“We all are Rick and we can’t even begin to thank you enough for all you and your crew did.”

“It’s our job Jack. We are glad it all worked out.”

“Well, here you go,” said Jack as he slid an envelope across the desk to Rick.

Rick picked it up and was about to place it in his pocket.

“Open it. I insist.”

Rick slowly opened the envelope and slightly pulled out the right corner of the check revealing the amount.

One Million and Five Hundred Thousand Dollars.

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