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Deep Waters Paperback - Book 8: A Rick Waters Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series)

Deep Waters Paperback - Book 8: A Rick Waters Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series)

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Book Three in the Rick Waters Series. Join thousands of readers in 17 countries.

#1 Best seller by Eric Chance Stone.

This is a premium PAPERBACK. 

★★★★★ My new favorite author, since Clive Cussler has passed. - Reader Review.

Rick Waters travels to the Amazon to save his true love Jules. Rick must overcome, snakes, spiders, jaguars and flying spears and arrows to find the jewel. If he cannot find the Sacred Jewel of Orinoco, not only is Jules’s life in danger, but so is the fate of the entire Kayapó tribe.

Will Rick survive the dangers of the rainforest and the worlds most dangerous waterfall? Can his bird Chief help him? Without the recovery of the jewel, his other precious Jules is doomed.

Time is running out. No pressure, right?!

"He just keeps writing winners!"

"They get better each time. Mr. Stone is now one of my favorite authors"

"It seems I've known that damn bird Chief all my life."

"This book made my vacation!" 

"Nonstop twists and turns." 

This product is a premium PAPERBACK.

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Enjoy an excerpt from Deep Waters.


Rick and Jules stood motionless at the entrance of their condo in Destin. They just stared silently at two large wooden crates, emblazoned on the sides with the words "Helga One" and "Helga Two," sitting ominously in the center of their living room.

They were weary from their adventurous return journey from Africa as they stepped into their newly remodeled Destin condo. Rick took three steps towards the crates and pulled a manila envelope from a clear plastic invoice holder fastened to one of the boxes. He read it aloud.

Dear Rick and Jules,

I hope this letter !nds you both in good health and high spirits. As I sit here re"ecting on our recent adventures in Africa, I am !lled with an over‐ whelming sense of gratitude for the unwavering support and dedication you have shown throughout our time together. Your help was essential in Africa and as token of appreciation from myself and Interpol, please enjoy “Helga One” and “Helga Two.” The gift that keeps giving. LOL

With kindest regards, Renato


“Well, I’ll be damned! He took me seriously when I said I wanted one of those Helga’s,” said Rick.

The Helga’s Rick was referring to, were two identical water massage machines Rick fell in love with, while in Africa on a case. He had mentioned to Renato, the senior agent from Interpol, how much he enjoyed the massage and wished he had one, but never dreamed he would actually send him one, let alone, two.

They were both too tired to even begin to unbox the massive water massage machines, plus they weren’t sure where they’d best !t in their condo. Jules suggested the balcony; one against each side wall. Rick decided he’d need to measure and make sure they’d !t. But !rst it was time for some ha-ha, clink-clink. A phrase Rick often used to describe having laughs and drinks.

Jules told Rick to go ahead and sit down on the balcony and she put a snack tray together for them and brought out the wine she had picked up at Publix on the ride back from the airport. Rick had stayed in the Uber while she went inside.

Once on the balcony, he kicked off his shoes and took in a deep slow breath of the salt laden Destin beach air. It was a smell he had missed. Jules sat down with a tray of charcuterie she quickly put together along with the bottle of red wine, but just one wine glass. She sat a cold bottle of Perrier on the table by her chair. Rick gave her a strange, confused look.

“Not in the mood for wine?” he asked.

“Yeah, I am, but remember the night we spent in Africa at the reserve?”

“How could I forget? It was a perfect night. We stayed up late after watching the sun set over the African plains and I held you on the screened-in porch as we swayed to the sound of the wind in the reeds. We made love to the backdrop of the mighty Zambezi River. It’s my favorite memory of Africa. Why?”

Jules eagerly approached Rick with a mixture of excitement and apprehension, holding in her trembling hand a positive pregnancy test kit. With a radiant smile on her face, she revealed the life altering news that they were going to be parents. Rick's eyes widened in disbelief and joy as he realized the magnitude of this moment. Overwhelmed by emotions, they embraced tightly, their hearts !lled with a profound sense of love and anticipation for the new chapter that awaited them. Rick was beaming.

“I’m so happy Jules. How long have you known?”

“Not long. Actually, when we stopped at Publix, I bought the test. I’m about two weeks late and I had a pretty good idea. I just wanted to be sure before I told you,” she said.

Rick jumped up and gave her a huge hug and kissed her neck gently.

“Don’t open the wine. I tell you what. Since you can’t drink. I’ll support you and I won’t drink. How’s that sound?”

“You don’t have to do that Rick.”

“I know, I know but my liver could use a break. We’ll both be healthier for it.”

“That’s so sweet of you baby,” replied Jules.

Rick jogged to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of Perrier and another wine glass, !lled them both up and held it up towards Jules.

Click clink!

“Cheers. Here’s to our !rst bambino, be it a boy or a girl,” said Rick.

Jules blushed and took a swallow of her Perrier as did Rick. After a nice light dinner, they crawled into their own bed. It had been a long time since they’d slept at home. They held each other and dozed off rather quickly. Rick awakened before sunrise and made coffee. He wanted to pamper Jules and let her sleep. He checked in on her after the coffee was done and she was still in dream land, so he quietly stepped outside and went down to their of!ce on the !rst "oor. It had been months since he had been inside and was sure there was a pile of mail to deal with. He was pleasantly surprised to see no mail and a note on his iMac from his partner Gary Haas.

Hey bud. Took the jet to Destin the day you and Jules left Africa and took care of all the mail and messages we had. We were offered a couple of


cases and we can discuss when y’all get here. The new ship captain Larry Lane seems to be working out !ne. I can’t wait for ya’ll to see this ship. She’s a beauty!

P.S. What the hell is a Helga One & Two?


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